Hui-a-whanau are held on the second Wednesday of every month and open to all members of Te Kohanga Reo o Nga Kuaka.

Some of the Recommendations to be considered:
There are close to 20 recommendations to be considered by whanau which include 12 recommendations from the Review and Assessment report. Please read through the agenda papers carefully.

Some of the Recommendations to be considered:
1. That the minutes for the 13 June 2018 be received and approved.
2. That the Nga Pūrongo Whakahaere reportbe received.
3. That the OHS Policy, Child Protection Policy, Code of Conduct, Trips & Excursions & Training Policies be
ratified and approved.
4. That whanau receives notification that the amended 2018 budget results in a financial deficit of $130,980.

More information to follow, after the Komiti Mahi hui scheduled for Monday 9th April 2018 at 5pm and the Komiti Putea Hui scheduled for Tuesday 10th April 2018 at 4pm.

Some of the recommendations for whanau ratification


Changes to the Rules of the Society:


“All monies received by the society are to be paid by the Treasurer or Kaiwhakahaere into such bank accounts are as approved by the whanau. Any two persons being the chairperson, treasurer, any elected officer of the society, Pouwhakahaere and the Tumuaki may jointly sign any financial instruments of the society”


“…The auditor must be a member of the New Zealand Society of Accountants, a registered auditor and must not be a member of the Society.”

The resolution passed at the HAW on 14 February 2018:


“That the Heath and Safety Officer be reinstated as an Officer of the Society.”

Some of the recommendations for whanau ratification

  1. That whanau receive notice to amend 7.1 of the Society Rules which will be ratified at the 2018 AGM in March, and that this change will reinstate the Health and Safety Officer.

  2. That whanau receive notification for the Nomination Programme 2018, and that nominations should be emailed to the Tumuaki for the following postions: Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Licensee, and Health & Safety Officer.

  3. That the Nga Pūrongo Whakahaere, Komiti Putea and Komiti Mahi reports be received.

  4. That the Staff Leave Policy, Occupational Health & Safety Policy and Child Protection Policy be ratified.

  5. That whanau receives the Draft Health & Safety Roles and Responsibilities table, and H&S Policy.

  6. That whanau receives notification that Komiti Mahi will canvas options for professional and strategic advise.

  7. That whanau have received the draft policies for Whakauru Tamaiti, Financial Management, Auahi Kore and Closing Kohanga at Short Notice which require whanau feedback, and are planned to be ratified at the April hui-a-whanau. 

Some of the recommendations for whanau ratification

To approve the 2018 budget

To receive notice of the changes to the Society Rules

To ratify the Kaiora, Fees, Staff Leave and OSH Policies

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